CV Gerard Vilar

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1954, he studied philosophy in Barcelona, Frankfurt and Constance. He also was a DAAD and Humboldt scholarships holder in Germany with J. Habermas and A. Honneth.  His first faculty position was in the Department of Theory and Composition of the ETS of Architecture of Barcelona (1981-1986). Since 2002 is Full Professor in Aesthetics and Arts Theory at the Philosophy Department of the Autonomous University de Barcelona:

Director of the Eina/UAB Research Master in Art & Design since 2013:

His last books are Desartización. Paradojas del arte sin fin (2010), Precariedad, estética y política (2017),  Lyotard: Estètica i Política (2019), and Disturbios de la razón. La investigación artística (2021)

 President of the Spanish Society for Aesthetics since 2017: